Eva Molina-De Vilbiss, MA, CMI-Spanish
Owner & Founder
Registry of Certified Medical Interpreters

Eva Molina - De Vilbiss, MA is a native of Spain who arrived to California in 1989 at age 16. Her first goal of learning English was accomplished pretty quickly and by the time she graduated from high school at age 17, she was already the recipient of the Bank of America Award for English as a Second Language.............

When you need to communicate with your patients about medical issues, it is so important that the full message be conveyed. We work with you to get your message to your patients in a way they understand.

Molina Service Center offers:
- Interpreting at healthcare appointments, depositions, hearings, home visits and other meetings;
- Translation of brochures, manuals, consent forms and other written material;
- Cultural consulting.

When working with your clients at depositions, MSCs, office meetings, you can trust that you are working with interpreters that are experts in the legal field. We pride ourselves in our precision and attention to detail.

If all your marketing materials are in English and you need to reach out to the Hispanic community, you want more than a translation: You want and need a message that will make the Hispanic community respond. That’s what we do!

We will be glad to assist you!

Please contact us at:
916.258.5722 Tel